Aware is a dynamic Virtual library, a website that will give you the necessary information in your first steps in FuXion.
It has been created under the supervision and guidance of experienced leaders and great results.
Congratulations on adding to the culture of FUXION, and doing it with responsibility and joy, we are improving the lives of thousands of people in the world.
We know that the emotion that accompanies you today, added to the information and clear actions will give very good results in your business. That is why we recommend you to thoroughly review the information we offer, whether or not you have experience in the field of leveraged sales.
To the successes!!

First Steps

In these four videos you will find everything you need to have a powerful and effective Explosive Start. You will be able to review and study the 4 videos in less than 60 minutes.

1. Explosive Start

2.1 Home Meeting

2.2 1 on 1 Meeting

3. Sponsoring Process and Follow up

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 “Which is the best business system? -One that everyone follows “
-Luca Melloni